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Today there are a multitude of contact lenses that are available. In the not too distant past specialty lenses were quite limited in parameters and power ranges. Today most people can be fit with contact lenses. Our practice routinely fits contact lenses for people with high amounts of astigmatism, progressive power contacts for people that normally would need bifocals and for people with special corneal problems such as keratoconus. Only after a thorough evaluation and consultation can the best lens for you be determined. The one size fits all philosophy does not give a person their best vision and visual comfort. In addition, we use a programmed computer calculator that allows us to achieve the very best vision and fit for toric lenses. A toric lens provides vision correction for people with a significant amount of astigmatism.

Acuvue Contacts

Acuvue Oasys

Acuvue® Brand Contact Lenses give you the flexibility and freedom to do what you want, when you want, with exceptional comfort and crisp vision. Unlike eyeglasses, contacts won’t smudge, steam up, fall off or break, and you won't lose any peripheral (side) vision.

Contacts can be worn as your everyday vision correction or in combination with glasses just when you want them. If your need for vision correction isn’t that strong, contact lenses provide an easy, always-there alternative to putting on and taking off your glasses all day.

Acuvue® Brand Contact Lenses come in a variety of designs, materials and wear schedules. Across the entire Acuvue® Brand product line, you can get a selection of the following:

  • More freedom of movement.
  • Inexpensive replacement if you lose one, compared to glasses.
  • Visibility tint, so you can spot them in the case.
  • Inside-out mark, so you always apply them correctly.
  • The option of daily disposable lenses requiring no cases, no solutions, no complicated care.
  • The ease of sleeping in your lenses for up to six nights, if directed by your eye doctor.
  • Multifocal lenses that free you from reading glasses.

Air Optix® Aqua MultiFocal

Air Optix

Air Optix®

Want healthy eyes? Give them oxygen

Air Optixare state of the art breathable contact lenses designed fo daily wear but with the flexibility of occasional overnight wear for up to 6 nights (as directed by your eye care practitioner).

They're made with a revolutionary Silicone Hydrogel technology that transmits up to 5 times more oxygen to your eyes than traditional soft lenses. This means your eyes are better protected from the signs and symptoms of lack of oxygen - dryness, irritation, end-of-day discomfort and redness. And since, on average, contact lens users wear their lenses for 11 hours a day, this is a huge plus.

Air Optixlenses have a unique surface treatment that is proven to provide a cleaner lens surface and a more wettable lens for improved comfort.

Air Optixdelivers a completely new contact lens wear experience. It's time to open your eyes to breathable Air Optixlenses.

CIBA Vision DailiesFocus® Dailies®

Millions of people rely on Focus® Dailies® daily disposable contact lenses for renewed comfort each new day. Now, that comfort can last throughout the day with Focus Dailies with AquaRelease*.

The AquaRelease moisturizing agent is released gradually as the day wears on - a little bit each time with every blink. That means time-release comfort. And even better end-of-day comfort than original Focus Dailies**.

It’s ideal for people who are new to contact lenses. Like teens who are active in sports. Or anyone, for that matter, whose glasses just seem to get in the way of their busy lifestyle. Dailies


Focus Dailies lenses are also available for those who have astigmatism or need bifocal lenses. Also, Focus Dailies now include a light blue tint for ease of handling and insertion (yet so faint that it won’t change the color of your eyes).

Eyeglasseseyeglasses norman Oklahoma

A large selection of quality eyewear is available for our clients. We have the latest in fashion as well as the more traditional styles.

For those on a budget you will not have to sacrifice quality or be limited to a small selection. We carry a full range for all budgets and style conscious individuals. All of our frames have a minimum guarantee of one year from the date of dispensing.

One of the more important aspects of purchasing eyewear is to make sure that it is the right style and size for your face and features. In addition, your individual eyeglass prescription needs to be matched with a frame that is appropriate. Our trained optometric staff will make certain that the two are properly matched. Careful measurements are necessary to make certain that the lenses will fit in front of the eyes properly when you wear your new glasses. You will experience the difference when you have a trained professional help you with frame selection and measuring.

We have available a large selection of quality eyewear for all budget ranges.

We provide options for prescription sunwear, as well as safety glasses.

Another important part of your new eyeglasses is the selection of good quality opthalmic lenses. There is a vast number of lens materials and style available today. After the examination with the Doctor he will make recommendations to you as to which lens will be best for you. He will also explain to you why this lens will be the best. Often there are options available that will enhance your vision under low light levels or while working on computers. You will never be pressured to buy something that is not appropriate for you or pressured to spend outside your budget range. This decision will be reached by you and the Doctor.

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