Norman Eye Exam

Eye Exam Process

All eye examinations are not created equal. Our eye health examination begins with a thorough health history of the patient. Preliminary testing is performed by our paraoptometric staff. These tests will include vision acuities for distance and near vision, vertical and horizontal phoria testing to see how the vision axis of the eyes line up with respect to one another.

The cornea curvature will be measured with an ophthalmometer. Computerized refractive measurements are taken for a beginning reference point. After these several tests retina photographs are taken. These photographs are linked to a computer monitor in each examination room so the Doctor will be able to visually show to you the inside of your eye. This allows us to show to you the anatomical structures of your eye and its health status. This can be performed on most patients without having the eyes dilated.

In the case of a diabetic patient you will have a mosaic series of nine photographs taken in each eye. This allows a panoramic view of the whole retinae to be viewed to check for any diabetic retinopathy.

The doctor will do a refraction to determine the best and most efficient eyeglass prescription for you. Taken into consideration are you vocation, hobbies, working distance of your computer. These topics will be discussed with you by the doctor. Glaucoma testing and checking for any signs of macular degeneration will be performed in the examination room.

To measure eye pressure we use the gold standard which is the Goldmann Applanation tonometer. The "puff" of air is not used and is not the most accurate way to check eye pressure.


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